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I Ranked 2000s Era Mall Stores From "Meh" To "Actual Proof That 2009 Was A Simpler, Nay, A Better Time - Sept. 2021


15 "Hunger Games" Costumes Ranked From "Oh God No" To "Weird, But I'm Into It" To "Worthy Of A Victor" - Feb. 2022

All 15 Winter Olympic Events Ranked By How Scared I, A Mere Mortal, Would Be Attempting Them - Feb. 2022

I'm Just A Girl, Standing In Front Of The Last Two Episodes Of "Stranger Things 4," Asking Them To Answer These 15 Questions - June 2022

I Read The 5 Most Challenged And Banned LGBTQ+ Books Of Last Year — Here's What I Thought - June 2022


The Belladonna

We Are Your Club Outfits. Why Hath You Forsaken Us? - Nov. 2020

The Broadway Beat

Former Drama Kid Takes Up Free Soloing to Recreate Thrill of Receiving Cast List - Sept. 2020

Theatre Kid Alarmed to Discover Circle is Intended for Prayer, Not Zip Zap Zop - Oct. 2020

Producer Known for Staging Stories of Tolerance Wondering How You Fucked Up a Simple Coffee Order - Nov. 2020

Contributed Headlines To: We Tried to Choose a Headline for NBC's "The Grinch Musical!" But Couldn't Land On One So Here's 55 - Dec. 2020

Biden Takes Step Towards Revitalizing the Arts, Pledges to Attend 100 Zoom Readings in First 100 Days - Jan. 2021

"Definitely NOT a Hadestown," says Trump on Post-Presidential Project to Crowd Who Never Said It Was - Feb. 2021

Points in Case

List: Self-Affirmations for the President of Your University - Aug. 2020

List: What the Job Description for an Unpaid Internship Says vs. What It Means - Dec. 2020

Little Old Lady Comedy

How to Talk to Your Recent Grad About How Absolutely F*cked They Are - Aug. 2020

In Which a Critic Desperately Tries to Hide the Fact They Haven't Seen "The New Mutants" - Aug. 2020

Humor Darling

Amelia Earhart Discovered At Bottom Of Local Woman's Favorite Tote - Oct. 2020

New Twilight Book To Be Narrated By Someone Way Too Proud They Haven't Read Twilight - Aug. 2020

Rejection Letters

The First Fish Who Walked Out of the Sea - Dec. 2020

The Boston Accent

Classic: Person Who Insisted You Specify Which Small Town Outside Boston You're From Hasn't Heard of It - Jan. 2021 (Instagram, headline only.) 

Aww: Boston Man Proposing To Girlfriend Asks, "Will You Make This Masshole MassWhole?" - Feb. 2021 (Instagram, headline only.)

Cape Cod Dad Shocked To Discover Paintings Can Depict Subjects Other Than Ships - Feb. 2021 (Instagram)

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